PHPMemcachedAdmin 1.3.0
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Live Stats

Actually looking at stats

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SIZE Total cache size on this server
%MEM Percentage of total cache size used on this server
%HIT Global hit percent on this server : get_hits / (get_hits + get_misses)
TIME Time taken to connect to the server and proceed the request, high value can indicate a latency or server problem
REQ/s Total request per second (get, set, delete, incr, ...) issued to this server
CONN Current connections, monitor that this number doesn't come too close to the server max connection setting
GET/s, SET/s, DEL/s Get, set or delete commands per second issued to this server
EVI/s Number of times an item which had an explicit expire time set had to be evicted before it expired
READ/s Total number of bytes read by this server from network
WRITE/s Total number of bytes sent by this server to network
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