PHPMemcachedAdmin 1.3.0
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Execute predefined Command
Execute command on one or all memcached servers


Available commands :
  • get : retreive a key value
  • set : set a key/value pair
  • delete : delete a specific key
  • increment : increment a numeric key value
  • decrement : decrement a numeric key value
  • flush all : flush a Memcached server

Execute Telnet Commands
Execute telnet command on one or all memcached servers


You can use this thing to execute any telnet command to any memcached server
It will connect to the server, execute the command and return it in the console

For more informations about memcached commands, see memcached protocol here
Search Key
Search for a key on one or all memcached servers

Detail Level

Warning !
This thing is only for debuging issue, do not use it in a production environment as it can lock or impact your memcached servers performances.
Also keep in mind that it does not list all keys. It lists keys up to a certain buffer size (1 or 2MB), and it list key that are expired.

You can also use a PCRE regular expression
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